We are now gaining 50+ pips, as the EUR/USD pair continues to drop, leaving a nice downtrend pattern. The week ends with the major currency pair pricing at 1.2920 – 1.2925, the same opening price zone. The pair bottomed at 1.2905 and bounced back to 1.2950.Read More →

A continuation of the so called case study. The power of the EUR/USD bear is still unimpaired, and its eye is focus in the 1.2865 target area. As I write this, the price is at 1.2930, so that’s already a 34pips earning, there is still no sign of reversing the trend according to the news and the chart.Read More →

Boosted by better than expected data release about the unemployment rate in Australia, the Aussie market closed higher. The Australian Bureau of Statistic announced a 15.5 thousand rise of employed people in Australia, the unemployment rate surprisingly dropped to 4.9% for the month of April, March it rose to 5.3% from 5.2% for February.Read More →

The Bloc currency EUR/USD hit a new 3-month lowest. The pair hit the 1.2929 mark as the US session began it tried to break the 1.2930 support a few times but failed, currently the pair is ranging at 1.2935 – 1.2945. It seems that traders are basing it all to the events happening at Euro zone (Greece and Spain in particular), since there’s a lack of data on both United States and Europe.Read More →

According to Stoyan Mihaylov a Deltastock.com analyst, her outlook was not changed and she also added that the EUR/USD pair will continue to slide down and most probably will hit 1.2860 resistance and then bounce back. Also she noted that the rise in pair today at 1.3060 is its final upswing.Read More →

EUR/USD continues to weaken since the starts of this week’s trading, it fell down to 1.2952 the lowest since February this year. It gains ground before the Asian session closed today and began to drop again when it failed to break the 1.3062 resistance.Read More →

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