CFD (contract for difference) is a financial-derived trading arrangement. In CFD, differences between closing and open trade prices get cash-settled. It is also an advanced strategy of trading commonly used by experienced traders. It is, however, prohibited in the U.S.A. When trading CFD, it means you have agreed to exchange an asset’s price difference from the moment the contract is opened to when it closes. A vital benefit of this kind of trading is that you’ll be able to speculate the movement of prices in all directions. As such, the loss or profit you will make will depend on whether your forecast was wrong orRead More →

The current capital market is quite volatile. This volatility has not only had an impact on asset classes but is also controlling the demand of financial products offering leverage. Contract for differences is a financial tool used to track a variety of assets. These underlying assets include cryptocurrencies, indices, commodities, individual equity shares, and forex. CFD is different from underlying tools in that you aren’t required to post the total capital amount to purchase underlying instruments. As an alternative, you need enough capital to cover the price change of the place you want to enter and exit the trade. Can CFDs offer leverage? Each CFDRead More →

In the last trading week, the EURUSD pair managed to break 38.2 Fibonacci level but the pair could not use this advantage and the price fell from that key technical level. The price closed below the 38.2 Fibonacci level which was at 1.0745 level. In the earlier part of the last trading week, the EURUSD pair traded above this key technical level and the pair made new high at 1.0774 but the pair dropped from that level and remained bearish for the later part of the trading week. January is almost to its end and to be precise this month gave many good buying opportunitiesRead More →

The EURUSD pair dropped after the speech of ECB president Draghi on Thursday. In the last week, the EURUSD pair has fallen after hitting the resistance level at 1.0716 level. The traders were expecting more hawkish tone from the Draghi but traders were disappointed and enter short after the speech. However, Draghi’s points of views about inflation are not up to the mark and not very much supportive. For this reason, the EURUSD pair moved lower after the Draghi’s comment. In the upcoming week, there is no major news release for the U.S economy. However, on Monday the ECB president will speak at the awardingRead More →

In the last week, the EURUSD pair breached the critical support level at 1.03502 and created a new low in the market at 1.03372.Most of the professional traders were in long position in the market and those who have set their stop loss a little bit wider were saved from the false bearish break of the market. After hitting the 1.03372 level in the market the pair started its bullish correction in the market and first broke the resistance level at 1.04962.Though the retail traders were expecting low volatility in the market but the pair showed decent movement in the very beginning of the yearRead More →

The year 2016 has been a strong bearish ride for the EURUSD pair in the forex market. The pair has broken the 13 years low in the market. The first strong bearish move in the EURUSD pair was triggered during the event of the U.S presidential election held on 8th of November 2016.Mr .Trump statement regarding the rise in fiscal spending and tax cut policy gave the green buck’s solid boost in the global economy. In that event, the EURUSD pair broke its short-term bullish trend line in the market and started its bearish journey. In the last FOMC meeting minute, the FED have raisedRead More →

In the last week, the US dollar index dropped from 14 years high in the market. The U.S dollar index is the measure of the overall strength of the green bucks in a basket against six major currency pairs in the world. The EURO start with a nice decent bullish momentum in the last week after breaking the 13 years low in the market. The green bucks have gained immense strength in the global market after the FED hike their interest rate on the basis of 25 points. Most importantly the FED has declared that they are most likely to go three rate hikes inRead More →

In the last week, the EURUSD pair has broken a critical support line in the daily chart after the FED hike their interest rate in the FOMC meeting minute. Currently, the EURO has breached the critical support level at 1.05255 and hit a record low since 2003.The pair suffering from extreme selling pressure in the market and currently the sellers are dominating with full fuel. The last two-month economic performance was extremely great and with the recent interest rate hike, the dollar is now trending high with intensive strength in the market. Most importantly the EURO was further weakened in the last week after ECBRead More →

There has been a massive in the EURUSD pair in the last week after the ECB president Draghi came up with a dovish statement. Though the EURO showed significant amount strength in the market but after the critical resistance level at 1.08600.From that level, the pair found immense selling pressure in the market and started its bearish movement in the market. The next is very important for the EURUSD pair since the ongoing pending interest rate hike decision by the FED will most probably resolve in the upcoming FOMC meeting minutes. The last two-month performance of the U.S economy was significantly great and investors areRead More →

The EURUSD pair was falling sharply after the selection of the newly elected U.S president Donald Trump. Sellers took the full control of the pair after Donald Trump gave his victory speech on 9th November. The surprised bearish move of the market was not anticipated at all by the investors since the dollar was most likely to weaken due to Mr. Trump anti-social mentality. But surprisingly the dollar found immense strength in the market in the event of the newly elected president. The recent ongoing issue of the pending interest rate hike decision is also causing a great deal of fear into the mind ofRead More →