CFD (contract for difference) is a financial-derived trading arrangement. In CFD, differences between closing and open trade prices get cash-settled. It is also an advanced strategy of trading commonly used by experienced traders. It is, however, prohibited in the U.S.A. When trading CFD, it means you have agreed to exchange an asset’s price difference from the moment the contract is opened to when it closes. A vital benefit of this kind of trading is that you’ll be able to speculate the movement of prices in all directions. As such, the loss or profit you will make will depend on whether your forecast was wrong orRead More →

Forex exchange involves trading currencies with the aim of profiting from the variation in currency prices. It is a lucrative business that you can perform any time of day considering the forex market operates 24/7 5 and ½ days a week. However, success in the forex trade is not a guarantee but requires one to know how to trade and understand the tricks of ins and outs in the trade. The following comprises some tips you can employ in forex trade to ensure successful trades. 1.           Learn the Market Take the time to educate yourself on matters to do with foreign exchange trade. Take asRead More →

The Fibonacci retracements use the Fibonacci sequence that was discovered by Mr. Fibonacci, an 11th-century mathematician. It is argued that there are Fibonacci numbers that occur everywhere in nature, and traders use this sequence in forex trading. Fibonacci retracements are identifiers of key support and resistance levels. When a market curve has made a large upwards or downwards move and seems to flatten at a certain level, this is usually when traders can do the Fibonacci level calculations. In Fibonacci retracements, traders set a target on a set of percentage points on a trade of a particular commodity. If the price falls beyond the lastRead More →

We all know that technical analysis helps the traders to find the best trade setups in the Forex market. But do you really think that the new traders have precise knowledge on this sectors? Understanding the basic details of the technical analysis is really easy but when it comes to advance market analysis, things become really hard. Majority of the retail traders are making the same mistake repeatedly. If you are struggling with Forex trading profession read this article very carefully. After reading this article, if you can bring positive change in your trading system, you won’t be losing any money at the end ofRead More →

The forex market is a huge market and every single day the number of retail traders in the online trading community is increasing at an exponential rate. However, the success rate in the forex trading industry is not great. Statistics suggest that out 100 traders only 5 of them are making money consistently in the forex market and rest of them are struggling hard or losing money. Those who are making money are the smart traders who have very clear understanding of the forex market. If you trade the live assets for a long period of time then you will notice that most of theRead More →

There has been massive confusion into the mind of traders from the very begging of the year 2017 as the U.S economy faced the extreme level of trouble under the administration of the newly elected president Mr. Trump. He gave the dollar a strong bullish momentum in the global market by stating that they are going to increase the fiscal spending and include tax cut policy. But the market absorbs all the bullish heat of the green bucks prior to year closing of 2016 and impose a new bearish threat to the mighty dollar. However, the dollar still remained broadly supported in the global economyRead More →

There has been massive chaos in the global industry from the very beginning of this year since Mr. Trump failed to keep his promise regarding the increment in the fiscal spending and U.S tax cut policy. Mr. Trump stated that they are going to increase the fiscal spending of the U.s government and included tax cut policy for the betterment of the U.S citizen and this gave the dollar huge boost in the global market after the U.S presidential election held on 8th November 2016.However, things settle down to a great extent as Mr. Trump failed to keep his promise in the last year. MostRead More →

Every single day the number of retail traders in the financial industry is increasing at an exponential rate. Most of the novice trader consider forex trading as getting rich quick scheme. They simply jump into the online trading community and start to trade the financial assets in the market without having any proper knowledge about the financial sectors. But in order to trade the market profitably, you must have a valid trading strategy. If you look at the professional traders of CornèrTrader than you will see that all of them have spent many years in mastering the art of trading. If you truly want toRead More →

Due to the Christmas holiday, the financial market has ceased it volatility to a greater extent and currently most of the pairs are exhibiting sideways movement. In the last Wednesday, the dollar strongly rallied high in the global economy and pushed all its major rivals down in the market. The green bucks have gained the immense amount of strength in the global economy after Mr. Trump become the U.S president. In his victory speech he announced that they are going to increase the fiscal spending in the next year and tax cut policy will be implemented to ease the hardship of the U.S citizen. AfterRead More →

The EURUSD pair has found some decent support in the market after hitting the critical support level at 1.05179.After the U.S presidential election, the dollar has become broadly stronger against it major rivals in the market and the EURO has become the first victim of the dollar strength. On Sunday the Italian Constitution Amendment Vote favored the EURO to a certain extent and we are seeing a decent possibility of a bullish correction in the EURUSD pair till the FOMC meeting minutes of December. The fed is most likely to hike their interest rate in the month of December and if the FED comes upRead More →