In Forex trading you have the versatility and flexibility to choose amount of leverage that suits your money management and trading style. Leverage has the ability to increase the size of your earnings or losses by the exact same degree.Read More →

We are now gaining 50+ pips, as the EUR/USD pair continues to drop, leaving a nice downtrend pattern. The week ends with the major currency pair pricing at 1.2920 – 1.2925, the same opening price zone. The pair bottomed at 1.2905 and bounced back to 1.2950.Read More →

Boosted by better than expected data release about the unemployment rate in Australia, the Aussie market closed higher. The Australian Bureau of Statistic announced a 15.5 thousand rise of employed people in Australia, the unemployment rate surprisingly dropped to 4.9% for the month of April, March it rose to 5.3% from 5.2% for February.Read More →