There are many different ways of trading the financial instrument in the world. If you look at the professional trader then you will notice that every single forex expert is trading the live assets based on their own trading strategy. But in order to develop your own trading strategy in the market, you need to have a very clear understanding of the market dynamics. The forex experts in the Singaporean trading community is doing a great job in the financial industry since most of them are trading with the reputed brokers like Saxo after mastering the basic forex market skills. Unlike the novice traders, allRead More →

Trading the financial instrument is an art and it requires pin perfect execution of the trading plan. There are many profession that you can choose in today’s world but if you truly want to become finically stable than forex trading might be the perfect solutions for you. As a full-time trader, you will become your own boss in the world and you will be the only person who will decide how much you will earn in the future. Most of the professional day traders are leading a stable life and they never worry about their financial needs regardless of the economic conditions of the country.Read More →

Foreign currency exchange trading is something that has to be dealt with knowledge. If you are unable to twist and turn your knowledge you will not be able to trade Forex. As profitable traders, you should be able to play certain tricks in order to win trades. As we all know that trading is not science but art, in which you need to use your artistic skills. The main factors of trading are that the traders are disciplined and well-versed. If you can minus the fear and the greed from your trading equation then you will be able to craft trading easily. Let us learnRead More →

Forex trading is such a lucrative business that every single day the number of new traders are increasing at an exponential rate. Most of the novice traders consider forex trading as an easy job and started their trading career without having any prior knowledge about the financial industry. But trading the financial instrument requires pin perfect execution of the trading plan and perfect understanding of the dynamics of the forex market. If we look at the number of successful traders in the financial industry then we will see that very few people are making money by trading the financial instrument and most of them areRead More →

EURUSD pair trading idea The EURUSD pair has broken the triangle support line near the 1.10103 level and currently getting ready to for the strong bearish move. The pair has found some support at 1.08491 level and started its correction. On last Friday the pair closed with a strong bullish candle which created a massive chaos into the mind of investors regarding the strength of the critical resistance level at 1.10225 level. Due to the significant strength of Friday’s candle, there is a slight possibility that the pair might breach the critical resistance level at 1.10225.If the pair manages to breach the triangle support levelRead More →


Forex trading is such a lucrative business where the potential income greatly depends on upon the investment. There is a misconception among the traders that bigger account is a must to become profitable in this industry. But in reality, size doesn’t matter at all at the initial stage. Many new traders get carried away with their emotions by trading the market successfully for one or two months. But trading success doesn’t come within in a month or two. You have to be profitable at least for one year to declare yourself as a professional trader. Consider small trading account as blessings since it will teachRead More →

It was a terrible day for the country of Spain on both figure, the sovereign debt and equity. For about 2 percent the stock of benchmark IBEX fell, then more than 10 percent lost for the recapitalized Bankia of Spain, as well as a Spain risk premium against the German that hits a new European Union all time high at 511bp, playing with bail out levels depending on how it is played out in Greece, Ireland and Portugal are all indication.Read More →

The Forex market can be seen as a disorganized horde of persons with one common goal, and that is to determine the future disposition of the currencies which is the sense of balance of power between the ups and downs (the bear and the bull) and by this means earn from a correct Forex trading at the end of the day.Read More →