EUR/USD Bearish Case Study Part 3

50 hours have passed, the EUR/USD went up and poke at the 1.2973 resistance (it actually stayed a couple of minutes in our entry point) but  fell down again to 1.2930 – 1.2940 price range, it even went down to 1.2907 and bounce a bit, now it’s going down and testing  the 1.2922 support. We already gain more than 50pips on the 2nd day and it seems that the downtrend carries on.

I have a good feeling the it will break the 1.2900 mark before the trading week ends, and if that happens there’s big possibility that it will go to the 1.2830 Support and finally the 1.260 area for the touchdown!

I am going to click on the tick box that says “Carry trade Over Weekends” .

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