The Forex market can be seen as a disorganized horde of persons with one common goal, and that is to determine the future disposition of the currencies which is the sense of balance of power between the ups and downs (the bear and the bull) and by this means earn from a correct Forex trading at the end of the day.Read More →

We are now gaining 50+ pips, as the EUR/USD pair continues to drop, leaving a nice downtrend pattern. The week ends with the major currency pair pricing at 1.2920 – 1.2925, the same opening price zone. The pair bottomed at 1.2905 and bounced back to 1.2950.Read More →

A continuation of the so called case study. The power of the EUR/USD bear is still unimpaired, and its eye is focus in the 1.2865 target area. As I write this, the price is at 1.2930, so that’s already a 34pips earning, there is still no sign of reversing the trend according to the news and the chart.Read More →