The Bloc Currency EUR/USD Hit a New 3-month Lowest

The Bloc currency EUR/USD hit a new 3-month lowest. The pair hit the 1.2929 mark as the US session began it tried to break the 1.2930 support a few times but failed, currently the pair is ranging at 1.2935 – 1.2945.

It seems that traders are basing it all to the events happening at Euro zone (Greece and Spain in particular), since there’s a lack of data on both United States and Europe.

Once it break through the 1.2930 support, expect it to hit the 1.2892 S2, and then finally the 1.2854 S3.

On the other side It is Possible for the price to reach 1.3008 R1 and then 1.3043 R2 and lastly 1.3067 This should break the downtrend, though a lot of trader are hoping for the bloc currency to reach the the last support for a long buy opportunity.

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